Canon in D (Excerpt) by Rob Lunn

Recently I have been posting pieces on my Instagram account (@roblunnguitar). The video length max is 1 min so most of the pieces I have posted have been excerpts. I recently expanded my arrangement of Canon in D and this video contains a little bit of that. I am hoping to post a full length video at some point.



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In the Hall of the Mountain King

This is one of those dramatic pieces that gradually builds up over time. This is also originally written for an orchestra which made it a challenge to make an easy arrangement of it.

If you don’t know the orchestral version check this out….

The sheet music/tab is available at my website. Free album downloads with any purchased tabs.



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Evgeny Kissin in Concert!

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of seeing Evgeny Kissin in concert in Cincinnati. He is one of my favorite pianists and someone I have been aware of for a loooooooong time. He played Rachmaninoff’s second piano concerto followed by THREE encores.

Seeing a great artist in concert, in person, is always so inspiring. He takes mastery to a whole new level. I teach at the college level so I have seen my fair share of student pianists, professors, and guest artists, blah blah but when I saw him he blew them all away and I realized that night that there is a pretty big gap between him and all of the pianists I come into contact on a regular basis.

For one, his dynamic range was WIDE. His softs were very soft and his louds were very loud. Second, he played the fastest, most difficult phrases with complete ease and finally, he also has that “it” factor, that presence that great artists have.

Here are a couple videos I have saved in my Youtube favorites….



I managed to take a few pics of the concert even though the ushers were watching for people with phones…

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A Joyful Noise by Rob Lunn

This is an excerpt of my piece, A Joyful Noise, originally composed for the piano. I always loved the opening chord progression and decided to see if it would work on the guitar.

I will make a video of the full piece soon. Lately I have been posting excerpts on Instagram (@roblunnguitar) and they have a min long max for videos. I decided to start posting some of those videos as well here.



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Improv in E Minor by Rob Lunn

A little improvisation I did last week in the key of e-minor. Sometimes I wonder if I should just improvise all of the time. None of this writing the music out crap!



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Minuet in G (Easy Arrangement) by Rob Lunn

Here is an arrangement of a piece I used to play on the piano. This arrangement comes from my Easy Arrangements Vol. 2.



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Improv in A Minor by Rob Lunn

A little “on the spot” composing.



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