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Guitar Blog

My blog focuses on the guitar. I post a lot of videos here, as well as classical and rock guitar items. Please come and check it out!


I have written music for solo classical guitar, small ensembles, voice, and orchestra. You may view my catalogue here.


Learn about my upcoming and past performances. I always enjoy meeting fellow guitar enthusiasts at my concerts.

Extended Techniques

My doctoral paper, Extended Techniques for the Classical Guitar: A Guide for Composers, was written to be used as a manual for those interested in composing, notating, and/or performing these different techniques for the guitar.

Sheet Music

All original sheet music/tabs are free. You can purchase arrangements for a little $. Thank you to all who enjoy my originals and arrangements. Click here to check them out.



Interested in having a piece written specifically for you or an ensemble? I can do that, and I have a degree to prove it. Check my bio.


Who Am I?

My professional biography is available here and at the bottom of the page. If you just want to learn more about me, read what's in between.

My main musical activities

include playing guitar, writing, and teaching. I started on the violin in 4th grade because my parents felt that I should learn a musical instrument. That lasted until high school when I heard Eruption by Eddie Van Halen and decided that was the path I should follow. I bought a cheap guitar and amp from Sears and started on my quest to shred. I never did really learn how to shred because I didn’t have the patience to practice. Instead I improvised, learned portions of songs and wrote music.

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A video of me improvising:

Just before starting college

I heard Leyenda by Isaac Albeniz performed by John Williams and decided I wanted to learn that. So, as a freshman in college, I studied classical guitar with Larry Malfroid. While at college I also studied composition with Russell Floyd. After graduation I complete my master’s in composition and theory at Penn State and recently I completed my doctorate at Ohio State in composition.

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A video of me playing Leyenda:


I have composed music

for a variety of instruments and ensembles, including clarinet, piano, saxophone, string quartet, and orchestra. Lately I have been composing mainly for the guitar. The reason for this is I want pieces to play. When I am writing a piece for the guitar I tend to learn it as I am writing it, in that way, it is less painful, as I am not a big fan of practicing.

Here is a piece of mine for orchestra:

A piece for saxophone and piano:

and a piece for clarinet and piano:

As promised, here are the links to my professional biography and my Curriculum Vitae.

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